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Award Winning Lenses


We use lenses from a range of suppliers to best suit your needs, but our go to lenses are state of the art, award winning, eco-friendly Shamir Metaform lenses. Thinner, lighter, and much stronger than other lenses. The production of these lenses employs minimal water, chemical and energy consumption, leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint. We can use this technology, along with some others, to make your lenses thinner and lighter than most other opticians can. Read more here

Types Of Lenses

In years gone by you may have been given the option of "do you want varifocals, bifocals, or two pairs for distance and reading". Not any more. Those are all still valid options, but as an independent eyewear company we can offer much more tailored solutions to meet your exact requirements. Come and challenge us!

Introducing Metaform Technology

Introducing Metaform Technology

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