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Graham at EDGE Eyewear



Graham is an optometrist and the owner of EDGE Eyewear. He loves academia (i.e. he’s a massive nerd). He loves it so much that he has two degrees (Maths and Optometry), and now even works at The University of Manchester teaching the next generations of opticians how things are supposed to be done. Don’t ask him about his 29 years of experience in optics, because he thinks he still looks like he’s 30.

Joan at EDGE Eyewear



Graham may be the head of EDGE Eyewear, but Joan is the heartbeat. She has worked as an optical dispenser for over 30 years. What she enjoys most about it is that each day is very different, and there is always something new to learn. Joan has a real eye for which frames are going to suit somebody the best. And what a choice of frames she has to pick from! She loves working with customers and ensuring their journey, from beginning to end, is an enjoyable experience.

Foz iGreen_edited.jpg



The newest member of the EDGE team. Foz (his name on his birth certificate is Darren, but nobody uses it!) has worked in optics since 2004 and has been a fully qualified dispensing optician since 2016. Graham has worked with Foz before, as far back as 10-years ago - that's how we knew he was the right choice for EDGE!

Foz was the first dispensing optician in the country to work for the NHS SSECS, providing eye care in schools for children with special needs.  He continues this work to this day, and has special training in SEN and fitting frames to those with special facial characteristics.

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