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Just a sample of the wealth of information and the kind of images we can achieve. 

Fundus Photo RE

Here at EDGE Eyewear we pride ourselves on providing an eye examination that is a cut above the rest. We tailor our eye examination to the individual, to allow us to examine the health of your eyes and provide you with clear and detailed information of our findings. You'll almost certainly know more about eyes after a visit to us than you did before! 

Our private eye examinations include:

  • Retinal imaging

  • OCT scans

  • a full measurement of the prescription eyes

  • an eye pressure check (when appropriate)

  • ophthalmoscopy

  • other relevant health checks

All of our eye examinations are given 45 minutes slots. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT for short) will be performed whenever possible. This is similar to having an MRI performed on each eye. It means that not only can we look after the health of your eyes much better, we can also spot potential eye problems (for example, glaucoma) years earlier than before.

All of the various tests will be carried out by your optometrist (in many practices you'll find your initial tests are performed by shop floor staff) who’ll make sure everything is cleaned down before use and conduct a significant proportion of the consultation from several metres away allowing greater social distancing.

This time spent with the optometrist not only allows for a detailed examination, but provides time to discuss any ocular issues, receive advice on ocular health and to discuss the different options available to correct your vision.

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