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We are very experienced with contact lens.  Our optometrist, Graham, has been teaching contact lenses at The University of Manchester for many years.

  • If you are a new contact lens wearer then there's nobody better to decide which lenses are best for you. 

  • If you've already tried contact lenses then there's nobody better to see if what you are wearing can be improved upon.

  • If you are worried about contact lens wear then rest assured you will have all the time you need to learn all about how to use contact lenses.

Contact Eye Lenses. Woman Hands Holding Contact Eye Lens. Woman Hands Holding White Contai

Night Lenses are also known as ortho-k lenses or as Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT). They are worn while sleeping and gently reshape the front of your eye. After sleep, remove the contact lenses and enjoy a normal day without the need for spectacles or contact lens.

This treatment is very safe and reversible.

The lenses can be used for myopia management in children.

This procedure works best for patients who have up to about -5.00D of myopia with no more than -1.50D of astigmatism.

Contact lens wearer swimming
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