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Hidden Hearing was founded in 1968 as a family-run business, and since then has expanded to over 280 hearing centres and clinics across the UK.


Today, they provide life-changing hearing care, and the passion for helping people hear better continues to set their course.

Hidden Hearing run a clinic at EDGE every Thursday (plus some selected Mondays when Graham is teaching at The University of Manchester). Book online with the button above or call 0161 941 5229 and quote BDGR-1.

Hidden Hearing Review

Is your hearing as good as it can be? 

Hearing loss can affect you at any age. But one thing is true, no matter how old you are, recognising the signs early will benefit you in the long term.

Are you:

What happens at a hearing test? 

Watch this short video. There's more information available on the Hidden Hearing website.

Hearing loss can seriously affect your quality of life… 

Hearing loss can cause you to become socially isolated or depressed.

Research suggests that untreated hearing loss can increase your chances of developing dementia by between 2-5 times.


The hearing tests available within EDGE are free, quick and could set you on the path towards better hearing health and quality of life.

Watch the video to hear about ex motor racing champion Steve Parrish who damaged his hearing on the racing circuit. Hidden Hearing came to his help providing a hearing aid that not only helped regain his hearing but improved his quality of life.

Types of treatments available for hearing loss

Once one of the hearing care experts has understood your hearing needs and has conducted an in-depth hearing evaluation, they’ll discuss your treatment options with you.

The Most common treatment options are:

If hearing aids are recommended as part of your treatment plan, your hearing care expert can take you through the available solutions.

There are many options to choose from which could suit your hearing and communication needs.

Benefits of treating your hearing loss

Treating your hearing loss has a wide range of proven benefits:

Better communication

  • Improved social engagement

  • Improved quality of life

  • Improved performance at work

  • Increased levels of confidence

So why wait? Book your free consultation today with this link, or call 0161 941 5229 and quote BDGR-1.

Hidden Hearing Logo
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