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Would You Like Thinner Lenses?

Are your glasses lenses thick? Would you prefer it if they weren't? Of course you would! They don't look great, they're heavy, they're uncomfortable. Do you know what you need to do? You need to come and see us at EDGE. We can do things that most opticians can't.

Metaform Logo

Award Winning Technology

In September/October 2022 Silmo happened in Paris. It’s been running for over 50-years and is the world’s number 1 optical show. Part of the show is the highly prestigious Silmo d’Or (Golden for those whose school French is as rusty as mine) Awards. Winning one of these awards is a very big deal. Here at EDGE, we were delighted (although not surprised) to see that Shamir’s Metaform lenses won the much coveted ‘Vision’ award.

Silmo d'Or Award 2022

It came as no surprise to EDGE because these lenses are incredible. They are exclusive to Shamir and only certain opticians can supply them. Whether you wear distance glasses, reading glasses, occupational lenses, or varifocals, you need them in your life. And if you have a high minus prescription (in other words, are very short-sighted/your lenses are thick at the edges) you definitely need them in your life. Because these lenses are up to 18 times stronger than a standard lens, they can be made up to 40% thinner and also 40% lighter. You’ve probably had your lenses thinned down by other opticians in the past? These lenses are called high index lenses, and generally speaking the higher the index the thinner the lenses. This is still true, but with Metaform any index of those high index lenses can be made even thinner.

Tokai Logo

Ground Breaking Technology

If you happen to be very long-sighted (your lenses are thick in the middle) then have no fear! Here at EDGE we've got you covered too. With lenses for long-sighted people the thickness of the lenses comes down to the index of the lens material. As mentioned above most opticians can supply lenses up to 1.74 index. For long-sighted lenses the Metaform technology won't help, but going to a higher index will. EDGE can go to 1.76! We use lenses from Japanese company Tokai. They use this higher index material plus cutting edge lens designs to give you the thinnest possible plastic lenses on the planet.

Don't Forget The Frame Choice

Choosing the right frame is just as important as choosing the right lenses. With over 75 years experience between Graham, Joan, and Danielle we can certainly help you there. And even if we can't find a frame that's just right for your prescription, we'll make one that is! We use a range of frames called iGreen. They are fully customizable. So, we can specially select the exact size and shape of frame that will give the best results. Once that's done then there are hundreds of colours and patterns to choose from. They can be matt or shiny. They can have nosepads or not have nosepads. If you would like, they can even have your name embossed onto them. Sounds pricey? Maybe not as pricey as you think! They are £250 (or £225 if you are on an Eyecare Plan). Not bad for a one of a kind custom made frame!

The Results

The proof of the pudding...

High prescription, thinner lenses

These lenses are -13.75.

High prescription, high index lenses

Can you see how much smaller the bottle is through the lens than above the lens? Can you also see how thin the lenses look?!

Challenge Us

So, if you’ve always wished your lenses could be thinner, or know someone who has, then EDGE is the place to come. We can do things that the high street places simply can’t do. Come and test us. We love a challenge!


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