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Using Your Own Frame

Have a frame that you'd like to put new lenses into? In the optical business this is known as reglazing. There are lots of opticians these days who won't do it. I can see where they're coming from, I guess. We make some of our money from selling frames after all. But if we're going to look after our planet then we should be trying to reuse where we can, rather than just throw good frames away.

So, at EDGE we've made the decision to let patients reuse their own frames. We will have to charge a fee for this because we have to pay the laboratory to do the work. The price to reglaze your own frame ranges from £30 to £50 depending on the frame. If you buy a complete pair of glasses you can reglaze your own frame for half price.

Glasses for reglaze

Reglazing a frame at EDGE is now even quicker and easier since we got our tracer machine. This machine means if we order from our main lens supplier (Shamir) we don't even have to take your frame away from you while we make new lenses for it. We trace the shape of the frame and Shamir send us the lenses all ready to be fitted.

It is always up to you, but what a lot of people have done is buy a complete new pair of glasses and then used our 2nd pair offer (more info here) to get lenses put into their old frame. This is a great, cost-effective and sustainable way to have a spare pair of glasses, or another look to be able to mix things up.

Lady with 2 pairs of glasses, different styles

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