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Let's Talk About Recycling

Here at EDGE we'd like to do what we can to look after our planet. We're already doing what we can to bring our patients greener and more sustainable options when it comes to glasses and sunglasses. You can read about that here.

We'd still like to do more, so we're trying to set ourselves up as a recycling centre.

Here's what you can recycle so far.

2. Contact Lenses

They say you can’t recycle contact lenses, but we say yes you can! In partnership with ACUVUE® and global recycling specialist TerraCycle® we are running a Contact Lens Recycle Programme.

Collect any brand of soft, disposable contact lenses, contact lens blister packaging and outer foils at home, bring them into us and we will arrange for them to be recycled for no charge.

Contact Lens Recycling

2. Glasses Frames

We will collect your old and unwanted glasses and, working with Recycline, send them away to be recycled. Recycline's operation is funded entirely by the sale of the recovered materials, allowing them to also donate a proportion of profits to charities to help with local and international causes. Of course, this will be done free of charge.

You can recycle: glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, safety goggles, and swimming goggles.

RecycLine Logo

3. Batteries

The UK throws away 600 million household batteries every year. At present only one third are collected and recycled with the remaining batteries being sent to landfill as general waste. These will eventually break down and the dangerous chemicals may leach out resulting in soil and water pollution, in turn causing damage to our natural ecosystems and wildlife.

The materials held within the batteries can be recovered and reused. This will reduce the demand for raw materials required each year and help preserve resources. As some of the materials are heavy metals such as lead and mercury, it is important that they do not end up in the waste stream.

You can bring your used batteries in to us, and working with recycle-more, we will ensure that they are recycled responsibly. And we'll do it free of charge.

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