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Night Lenses/Ortho K Lenses

Imagine a world where you can experience clear vision without the hassle of wearing glasses or traditional contact lenses during the day. A world where you simply wear specially designed lenses while you sleep, and wake up with perfect vision the next day. Say hello to the innovative world of Night Lenses (also known as Ortho K or Orthokeratology)!

What Are Night Lenses?

Night Lenses have actually been around for many years. It is a revolutionary non-surgical approach that corrects vision overnight. These specialised lenses gently and painlessly reshape the cornea while you sleep. Simply take out the lenses and go about your day without the hassle of daytime lenses, glasses, or laser procedures.

What Prescriptions Do Night Lenses Work For?

Night Lenses are for correction of short-sightedness with or without astigmatism.

Who Can Wear Night Lenses?

Really, most short-sighted patients. The youngest we have fitted is 7-years old. The oldest is in their 50s, but there's no upper limit to age. Modern ortho-k lenses can correct as much as -10.00D of short-sightedness with up to -3.50D of astigmatism.

Young girl who wears Night Lenses

Why Choose Night Lenses?

Oh, for so many reasons. No more glasses or daytime lenses. No need for laser surgery. Ease of use.

Whether it’s being able to see underwater, play sports without rain-splattered specs, or the fear of losing your lens, working without dry eyes from daytime contact lenses - all of these problems are a thing of the past with Night Lenses.

Sick of how much extra hassle and expense is involved with getting prescription sunglasses? That will be a thing of the past. Buy your sunglasses straight off the shelf!

There's also the big one of controlling your child’s myopia (see below).

Man Swimming. Night Lens Wearer.

Myopia Management

Myopia is the scientific term for short-sightedness. Wearing Night Lenses has been scientifically proven to slow down myopic progression. There is a separate blog post all about this. It is called Myopia Management. I have fitted many children with Night Lenses with the intent of slowing down their prescriptions. The results are excellent! I fitted my friend's daughter when she was 8 years old. She's now about to turn 11 and her prescription is the same as it was when she was 8. If she'd been wearing traditional glasses or contact lenses this almost certainly would not be the case, her prescription would likely have increased significantly in that time. .

My Personal Experience With Night Lenses?

My prescription is not suitable for ortho-k, I am presbyopic. However, I fitted my wife with these lenses over 15-years ago and she absolutely loves them. She hasn't worn glasses once for that whole time. She loves the freedom to not have to worry about removing her soft contact lenses to shower, and they make such a huge difference on holiday. You do not want to be getting into any swimming pool with soft contact lenses on your eyes, and wearing glasses in the pool is a pain. No problem any more. Once she's awake and her lenses have been removed, to all intents and purposes, she has the same vision as a non-glasses wearer.

How Much Do Night Lenses Cost?

The fitting of the lenses has no upfront cost. The lenses themselves, all of the appointments needed to fit them, all of your ongoing check-ups and eye examinations, and any replacement lenses needed due to loss or damage are all covered by a monthly direct debit payment. Almost all of our ortho-k patients wear Scotlens lenses. The cost of these is £43 if the lenses are changed every 12-months, and £49 if they are changed every 6-months. Most people choose the latter option.

For very high prescriptions a different, more expensive, lens is needed.

Now, close your eyes, dream of clear vision, and let Night Lenses work their magic while you sleep!


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