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Picking the right frame for your face shape

Rules, rules, rules. Don't we have enough rules in our lives? There are supposed to be rules when it comes to picking a frame to match your face shape. I prefer to think of them as guidelines. So let's run through them and you can decide.

Round Face

Glasses for a Round Face Shape

Are you a roundy-round face? If so it's likely that the widest part of your face will be the cheekbones with the width and length of your face being around the same. Those with a round face benefit from fuller cheeks, softer angles and a round curved jawline.

When it comes to choosing glasses for round shaped faces, angles and squares or rectangular frames are your friends here; the aim is to create contrast so try and steer clear of smaller styles as they may appear tight on the face. Those with a round face need to be wary not to choose styles that accentuate the roundness.

A cat eye will lift your face whereas square frames or wayfarers will add angles to even out proportions.

Oval Face

Glasses for an Oval Face Shape

Could your nickname be Ovaltine? When choosing frames for an oval face shape, think egg! An oval face is typically longer than it is wide and doesn’t have any noticeable sharp angles, much like the shape of your standard chicken egg. The forehead and jawline will be slightly rounded with those great cheekbones making up the widest part of the face.

If you’re lucky enough to boast a classic oval shape then we’ve got good news - almost every frame works. Though if you do want to choose glasses that accentuate your well-balanced oval shape, choose frames that are as wide as those enviable cheekbones. Round, rectangle and rimless will all work well for you, so go wild and have fun!

Square Face

Glasses for a Square Face Shape

Head like a cube getting you down? Worry not! That broad forehead, wide jawline and strong chin give a square face its defining features and what's often considered a ‘strong’ face shape. You can be proud of a forehead, cheekbones and jaw that are of equal width. A square face will also have length and width of similar proportions.

Classic square and angular frames will do a great job of accentuating that amazing square jawline if that’s what you’re after. If not, and you’d like to try something to help slim down your face, making it appear longer, go for a round, or oval shaped style.

Heart Face

Glasses for a Heart Face Shape

Got a heart-shaped face? Glasses love a heart-shaped face. You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to eyewear. A heart-shaped face is characterised by a wider forehead with high cheekbones and a slimmer lower half of the face which gradually narrows down to a pointy chin.

It’s widely accepted that frames that are wider than your forehead are your friends here, think cat eye styles for feminine styles, and frames with a deeper lens shape. Rounded frames provide a pleasing contrast to the angles of a heart-shaped face, whereas bottom heavy styles such as wayfarers will widen the lower half of your face providing balance.

You might choose to avoid semi-rimless (what we call supra) styles as their top-heavy nature will only work to accentuate a heart shape’s wider forehead and narrower chin.

Or you could just go wild!

Glasses for someone who doesn't listen to the rules

Maybe you're still not sure what your face shape is, maybe you don’t care, or maybe your face is just face-shaped. Is that you? Or do you not like being told what to do and want to go against the grain and choose something crazy! If yes then you’re the wild child and I'm all for it! I salute you!

Think about clear frames, bright colours, or whatever takes your fancy really!

Whether you consider yourself of the feminine or masculine persuasion, or any anywhere in between, the 'rules' work for all.


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