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Blue Light Spectacles

Do blue light filtering glasses work?

The truth is, that depends. So far studies have found no provable benefits of wearing blue light glasses while using a computer. That being said it's also certainly true that there are many people who use them and find they are very helpful - including me! Also, there are different types of blue light filters. Depending on the type of blue light filter you have the lenses could be very helpful in protecting your eyes from the sun's rays - see below for more information.

Will they work for me?

The best first step is always to have a comprehensive eye examination. If you are suffering with eye strain or fatigue from computer use it might be due to something other than the blue light. Once we have done an eye examination we can discuss with you the best lenses to help you, and whether a blue light filter is appropriate.

Should I try blue light filtering glasses?

There's no reason why not. While there is no definitive proof that they work there is definitely no way that they could cause you any harm. My advice would be that if you think you could benefit from them then it's worth a try. There are two types of blue light filtering we can do at EDGE. We can help you decide which is best for you.

  1. A blue light coating. Our main supplier Nikon does the excellent SeeCoat Next Blue coating that will give improved contrast when viewing a computer screen. Although many blue light filtering coatings can give an unpleasant purple colour on the lens surfaces, Nikon's SeeCoat Next Blue has a subtle blue colour that is much more aesthetically pleasing. If you find your eyes feel tired and strained after computer use then these lenses are worth thinking about.

  2. A light purification lens. Nikon's Pure Blue UV lenses, for example. These lenses filter harmful and uncomfortable UV and blue-light rays to give you all-in-one protection and superior clarity, without compromising lens aesthetics. In other words, no unsightly purple or blue reflections on the surfaces of the lenses, and excellent protection against the sun's blue light rays.

SeeCoat Next Blue
SeeCoat Next Blue


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