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There are two different types of soft day lenses licensed for myopia management in the UK. We can fit both types, and other soft lenses can be used if these two types are not suitable.

Our optometrist, Graham, was an early adopter of contact lenses for myopia management and has been fitting them for over a decade. He also teaches contact lenses at The University of Manchester.

We have many young contact lens wearers here, and rest assured you and your child  will have all the time you need to learn all about how to use contact lenses. 

NaturalVue Multifocal Contact Lenses
MiSight Myopia Contact Lenses

These are contact lenses that your child wears while sleeping which gently reshape the front of your eye. This reshaping is what slows down short-sightedness.

After sleep, they remove the contact lenses and enjoy a normal day without the need for spectacles or contact lens.

This treatment is very safe and reversible.

 This procedure works best for children who have up to about -5.00D of myopia with no more than -1.50D of astigmatism.

Contact lens child playing football
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